Private house

Aburi, Accra, Ghana

The Nazir brothers run a development company in Accra, Ghana and have acquired a plot of land on a hillside overlooking Accra to build a house for their extended family. The brothers had a preference for an ultra-modern design with plenty of glazed walls, large overhanging roofs and verandahs. The design was developed from this very specific brief. The site is steeply sloping and called for a tiered design that steps down the hillside in a series of terraces. An infinity swimming pool was incorporated at the middle (entrance level) accessed off a long terrace, overlooking the city. The lower level includes guest rooms, a gym, a private cinema and a prayer room. The entrance level includes a separate reception area, main family living areas, kitchens and servant’s quarters. The upper level contains the bedrooms, family rooms and an apartment with its own private access. A wide driveway sweeps across the front of the house. The gardens step down in a series of terraces to overlook a wild area of trees and bushes. The house is carefully sited to allow the best views of the city. The house is currently in the detail design stage. The design was never executed.