Extension and loft conversion to a detached house, Nailsworth, Gloucestershire

The Puzzle House is a four-storey house built into a steep hillside. The roadside presents as a steep-roofed bungalow, with two lower floors below the level of the road. The alterations included the demolition of a side extension at lower level and the erection of a new single room extension providing a living room with access directly onto a balcony terrace running the full length of the rear of the house. The new room is open to the roof. Roof lights bring light into what would otherwise be a dark space between the house and its equally dominant neighbour. A new staircase within a new dormer gable on the front elevation gives access to the attic rooms. Increased headroom has been achieved by rebuilding the roof at a steeper pitch to provide two large bedrooms and a generous landing area that is used to keep books and to provide a quiet sitting area.